Halo Squad Combat

So recently I went back and played the first 2 Gears of War games and I totally forgot how much they made me feel like Delta Squad was a family and how often they actually broke up the squad during missions which could have been interesting in Halo 5, or future Halo installments *wink wink […]

Cinematography and Games: Halo v Alien

Originally Posted: March 2016 More often than not games will borrow from the film industry, whether it be how they frame their shots or how they use lighting to set the tone. The Alien franchise started in 1979 with Ridley Scott helping to pave the way for future sci-fi films and evidently many games. The […]

A History of Cover Systems

Originally posted: October 2015 Generally, cover systems allow the player to avoid taking damage or hide from enemies and is commonly seen in shooters. I’m not talking about the kind of cover that you can just stand behind a wall until you get your health back, what I’m referring to requires some sort of interaction […]

Games I Missed in 2016

This past year I have been busy working on my own game and finishing up school. In short I had little to no time for new games so I decided to take a look back at some of the games I never got around to in 2016. These are small indie games that tell stories […]